Gonzales, J.&C.

Juan and Collette have been personal friends with Bruce and Rhonda since Bruce and Rhonda met.  Juan and Collette serve in a country that is so completely un-Christian that their faith is a novelty to the Japanese people.
Juan grew up in El Salvador and became a follower of Christ through the ministry of Latin American Childcare: a food, clothes, and education ministry, supported by monthly pledges of American individuals toward the care for specific individuals.  Collette grew up in Japan, in a missionary family.  They are uniquely called and qualified for their ministry in Japan.
Juan and Collette, along with Nicolette and Steven, are church planters in Fukuoka, Japan - on the southern island of the country.  Fukuoka is a largely populated motropolitan area.  The Japanese culture is engulfed in Shintoism and Budhism.  Although it is a faithless culture, living without any significant practical expression of their faith, Japanese people feel honor bound to remain identified with their ancestral religion.
We have partnered with Juan and Collette becuase of their work in a country without a significant Christian presence and because of their church planting strategy.