Get Out & Serve Sunday 2008

Well what a great Sunday!
Having heard (the week before) Jesus outline His kingdom as one of servants, we got out and made a practice of it.  It was outstanding to see everyone drive away from Pioneer School to worship throughout our community.  It was also amazing to think about an entire church scattered to nearly every corner of our town... in different locations, in one spirit, worshipping in the same way at the same time. 
Check out the images of the worship taking place through service.  I think you will be moved to see God's people in action.
In just 2 hours here is what epic accomplished for Hanford and for God.
Replaced 64 kitchen cabinet hinges. (Hannah's House)
Hung 3 new cabinets. (Hannah's House)
Assembled a playground extention. (Hannah's House)
Constructed a playground enclosure. (Hannah's House)
Assessed, cleaned, and replaced 3 exhaust fans. (Hannah's House)
Cleaned up trash, debris, and weeds from 2 vacant lots and 1 alley.
Delivered flowers to 24 Convelescent patients.
Served 3 elderly residents.
Hung 6 basketball nets.