Corbell T.&T.


Mailing Address:BAdea Cartan, Nr.8, Sector 2 Bucharest Romania

Travis and Tedi, along with their charming and beautiful little girls (Chloe & Carys) work tirelessly with the Romanian government to place Romanian orphans in adoptive homes.  Because of the hopeless blight of the Romanian economy, hundreds of orphans join the society of street urchins, living in the Bucharest sewers weekly.
Travis and Tedi feed and love these kids, rescue them from the abusers that prowl for them, and faithfully win their trust so that they have an avenue into the adoptive process.  They also work with the Romanian government to expand the network of adoptive families, improve foster care (an institution of neglect), and place children in Romanian families more quickly. 
We have chosen to team with Travis and Tedi because of the extremem need in Romania and because of the directly compassionate nature of their ministry there.