The nusery provides full-service care for babies, crawlers and toddlers.  Until your little one is 3 and potty-trained, the nursery will love and care for them while you fully participate in EPIC's worship gatherings.  Parents who prefer to keep their children with them during worship gatherings will have seats reserved for them near a convenient exit and restroom facilities should any such need arise during the gathering.


As with all of our ministries to children our goals are to help children believe, belong, and become.

Believe. We want to help children know Jesus personally and to believe in Him as their own savior and the leader of their lives. (Romans 10:9)


Belong. We want to help each child know that they are a valuable part of the body of Christ and have been given spiritual gifts to build up one another. (Romans 12:3-13)


Become. We want children to discover that they are important to God and that He has a plan for them.  We want to allow space for the Holy Spirit to reveal to each child who they are becoming in Christ (Psalm 139:13-14)