Bruce Kane, lead pastor
cell: 5598368762

My primary thoughts about pastoring revolve around relationships.  Ultimately, drawing on my relationship with Jesus, I engage in friendships with those around me to facilitate personal spiritual growth in us all.
Organizational pastoring for me is like spiritual navigation.  It's taking the destination that God has given us in the Bible and setting a course to lead our worshipping community to that port - adjusting the plan as situations demand it - keeping the same destination in mind.
Planting and pastoring epic has been the most challenging and fulfilling part of my ministry life so far.  After my connection to God and being a family man (husband and father) there is nothing more meaningful to me than this.  My favorite moments in ministry are the moments when someone gives Christ full leadership in their lives and the moments when a Christ-follower discovers their role in God's plan by using their giftedness in His service.  These "ah-ha" moments seem to me to be the most revolutionary moments in the epic journey we call 'life.'