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In Your Life
We want to help you answer the spiritual longing you feel inside by helping you get to know God better, and by helping you become who He created you to be.  No matter where you are in life or what your experiences have been, we’re here to help you figure out some next steps in your journey with Him.  And we really hope to work with you to make our town and the world a better place.
In Our Town & In the World
We are committed to serving: individually and in groups, in epic and throughout the planet.  We serve in many different ways, but we all deeply want to demonstrate Gods love to others.  We start where we are at, and then we take it global!
The People
The church isn’t a building.  And for now, we don’t even own one.  We meet in a school gym.  Epic is each person connecting to God and to one another, growing in our faith and faithfulness, and serving the world God loves.
Bruce Kane is our Lead Pastor.  He is a Hanford local with a lifetime of big world experience.  He is married to Rhonda, and they have 3 children.  Bruce teamed with 24 others to found epic in 2004.  Get the epic story.
  • Casual atmosphere
  • Worship gatherings that last about 75 minutes
  • Messages that are meaningful, thought-provoking, and that come from the Bible
  • Live worship music in a musical style that is today
  • Fun and meaningful teaching for your kids
  • Authentic people who hang out and grow together in Life Groups
  • Opportunities to serve and help others
After a visit to one of our worship gatherings, come on over to a dessert & appetizer gathering we call a newcomers gathering.  At one of these, you’ll get to meet some epic regulars and begin making the friendships that really matter. 
Want to grow?  Meet friends?  Find meaning?  Help people?  Then, begin to look for a Life Group.  This is where epic really becomes significant in your life.  Click here to get started.